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Enterprise Reporting

Did someone say “Reports”? Not only does MARINAGO Office contain a standard set of informative reports ranging from customer reports to rent roll reports, but there is also an enterprise level ad-hoc reporting engine that allows users to define their own reports. The ad-hoc reporting engine is extremely powerful that provides enormous flexibility in defining desired reports.

Utilize features such as:
  • Ad-Hoc Enterprise Reporting Engine
  • Numerous Global Reports Built-in
  • Customize Existing Global Reports
  • Define and Create Your Own Reports
  • Numerous Report Templates and Frameworks
  • Save Customized Reports to User Defined Folders
  • Create Reports that Included Data from Multiple Properties
  • All Reporting Adheres to User Security Permissions

MARINAGO Office is a product of Scribble Software Inc.

  • Scribble Software Inc.
  • 8052 Elm Dr., Unit K
  • Mechanicsville, VA 23111

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